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The Peaine Township Board met on November 11th for their regular monthly meeting. Several board appointments were made. Noting that
St. James elected to have Travis Martin fill one of their seats on the Waste Management Committee Appointment board, the board decided to keep him there as a Peaine Township representative in light of the Martin’s family’s recent move to Peaine.

New Health Center Director Tammy Radionoff was appointed to and open ESA Board.

The Board unanimously voted to forego adopting the Amended Phragmites Ordinance adopted by St. James Township. A concern was raised in relation to Section 4 – Inspection; Written Report; Right to Access Property; Consent; Administrative Search Warrant.

In connection with the Township Recreation Plan, the Board discussed possibility of a large contribution to St. James in order to support an improved boat launch. Also discussion was had regarding Peaine Township residents’ yearly boat slip costs at the Municipal Marina.

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