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Core Mission
BIA's Mission: Economic and Environmental Sustainability
Collective Interests
Represent the combined interests of our membership on issues that affect the fundamental character and beauty of Beaver Island.
Collective Interests
Work with local governments to support property owners’ views, concerns and investments
Preserve Natural Resources
Support preservation and wise use of natural resources, plants, and wildlife of Beaver Island

BIA Initiatives: Dark Sky Sanctuary

Written by Cynthia Hector Johnson The Beaver Island Association took the Beaver Island Dark Sky Project under its wing in 2019.  As members of the Dark Sky Project looked at applying for an...

BIA – Land Rover Award Ceremony

After all your support in voting daily for the Beaver Island Association in the Land Rover video competition, it is now time to hopefully reap the reward for all the labor. Land Rover is announcing...


Please remember the Beaver Island Association on this Giving Tuesday.

We are currently showing an anticipated deficit in next year’s operating budget of about $3,600.00. Your support is greatly needed to continue the work of the BIA. Many of you should have received the BIA year end appeal letter in your mail. Giving Tuesday is a great reminder to take action on our request. For those of you that did not receive the letter, it is posted below.
Invest in our beloved Beaver Island and the happiest of holidays to everyone!

Thank You!

Dear Friends,

Please keep the Beaver Island Association in mind when doing your
year end charitable giving.

The work of the BIA is crucial to issues that affect the fundamental character and beauty of Beaver Island. Without your help, we would not be able to continue our important mission, which is to:

Work with all levels of governments, as well as foundations and corporations, to support the views, concerns and investments of Beaver Islanders by:

Providing a forum for discussion of island governance and property taxes
Representing membership concerns through township government liaison
Supporting preservation and wise use of natural resources, plants, and wildlife of Beaver Island while developing economic sustainability by:
Collaborating with tribes, environmental organizations, schools, and government agencies
Proposing environmental conservation policies and / or methods
Sponsoring environmental education programs and public lectures and presentations
Publishing a quarterly newsletter and a continuously updated website
Monitoring and controlling invasive species
Cleaning up beaches and campgrounds and helping with forest fire prevention
Sponsoring trails development
Assisting in the filing of applications and organizing of The Dark Sky Sanctuary activities
Sponsorship of events such as Warblers on the Water
Our High Speed Internet initiative.

Your past support has helped to make these efforts possible. Please join us in our work once again by making a donation to the BIA. Donations may be sent to: BIA, P O Box 390, Beaver Island, MI 49782 or made on our website. Our website is

You can take a tax deduction even if you don’t itemize. For 2021, this above-the-line deduction is increased to $600 for cash donations for married couples filing jointly who do not itemize tax deductions. Charitable giving deduction limit increased to 100 percent of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) on cash donations for those who itemize.
Please consult your financial advisor for more information about deductibility.

We pledge to continue working to improve the quality of life on our beloved Beaver Island, but we need you to help support our important work. Please join us in investing in the future.

With gratitude,

The Beaver Island Association Board

Beaver Head Lighthouse Preservation Work

The Beaver Island Historical Society is making plans for preservation work at the Beaver Head Lighthouse in 2022.  Please consider helping us reach our fundraising goal to host Eastern Michigan University's Historic Preservation Field School.  Donations are being...

GLIA Extends Condolences to Beaver Island

To the Beaver Island community, It is with profound sadness that we learned of the recent airplane accident on Beaver Island. Experiencing a sudden loss of life is always devasting, though as fellow Great Lakes islanders, we appreciate how it must be extra hard for...

Beaver Island Plane Crash November 13, 2021

Saturday’s tragic plane crash not only devastated the Beaver Island community, but also impacted the BIA family. Adam Kendall - BIA Board Member, and his wife Kate Leese who recently moved to the island to start a vineyard were lost in the crash along with two others....

Election Day

Election Day

It’s election day, but locally we only have one thing on the ballot.  Both St. James and Peaine have a single question on whether to continue the current maximum millage rates.  The proposal is to continue the limits at the same level they have been in...

To Drive or to Sit is the Question

The Christian Church is looking for input on how to handle this year’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner.  They’d like to know if you’d prefer a sit-down dinner inside or a drive thru take out dinner like the Elks have been doing.  If it is inside, they plan a serving...

Community Vaccination Clinic set for Nov. 2

Community Vaccination Clinic set for Nov. 2

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan has another vaccination clinic scheduled for the school coming up next week on Tuesday from 10:00 to 3:30. In addition to the COVID-19 vaccine (including boosters if eligible), you can sign up for other necessary vaccines...

Knock-knock No More

Two sets of entry doors at the island's Rural Health Center are being retrofitted to be ADA compliant, that is they will soon be able to open automatically and manually ---just like the ADA door at the island's Post Office.  The conversions are to begin as...

The water always wins

Calls to protect shorelines as volatile Lake Michigan inflicts heavy toll by Mario Koran / Wisconsin Watch and WPR, WisconsinWatch.orgOctober 30, 2021 Mike Kahr, an engineer and owner of Death’s Door Marine, has watched Lake Michigan’s water levels fluctuate during...

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