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The Peaine Township Board met last evening.  In addition to regular business, the board looked at draft tax rates for the coming year.  Property values are up and there is an excess balance in a few funds so the rates were proposed to go down by 5.5% and the revenue down by 3%.  That’s preliminary.  Still some work and checking to do before the rates are adopted.

Telecom Committee reported to the board on their progress and requested funding for Quickstart study of options for improving service on the island.  That was approved for $600.  The board also agreed to hold a joint boards meeting with the committee to discuss a proposal for interim service improvements. The question of increasing the budget for increased fuel costs at the airport came up.  Trustee Paul Welke was concerned about the price paid for the fuel, which he believes will result in it being priced above what the market will.  The Board agreed to discuss the issue with the Airport Commission, but the budget was increased to cover the additional cost of about $4,000.

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