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Invasive Species Initiative

Goal 1: Educate                      – Seminar Calendar & Papers
• Train property owners and visitors to identify and eradicate invasive species.
• Deliver educational events and products using multiple formats and media.
• Establish and maintain a website to provide information on invasive species.
Goal 2: Inventory                   – Invasive Species Location Form
• Set up a communication process for reporting random sightings.
• Develop and maintain lists of endangered and high threat invasive species.
• Establish a centralized GPS based database of invasive plant species.
Goal 3: Recruit                       – Volunteer Form
• Recruit and train a team to help treat infestations,
• Provide volunteer opportunities to control invasives.
• Maintain a volunteer database.
Goal 4: Rehabilitate               – Project Calendar & Sign Up
• Prepare a Project Plan
• Eradicate Invasive Species (dig up, spray, contain)
• Protect endangered species (signage, fencing, walk ways)
• Rehabilitate and replant sites where appropriate.
Goal 5: Administer 
• Identify the most important conservation  challenges based on KPIs.
• Establish and implement protocols for documenting measures of success.
• Support policies that will decrease the impacts of invasive plants to wildlife.
• Review all proposals for the impact on environment and plant species.
Goal 6: Fund
• Pursue and secure funding to address eradication of invasive species.
• Maintain a benefactor database.

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