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BIA's Mission: Economic and Environmental Sustainability
Represent the combined interests of our membership on issues that affect the fundamental character and beauty of Beaver Island.
Work with local governments to support property owners’ views, concerns and investments
Support preservation and wise use of natural resources, plants, and wildlife of Beaver Island

BIA Annual Meeting date set

Our annual meeting will have a different venue this year. Instead of inside at the BIC Center, we will hold the meeting outdoors under a big top tent at the Beaver Island Golf Course. This will let us keep out of the sun, but provide lots of ventilation to help keep us safe from spread of COVID-19. Our agenda will be announced shortly, but for now–please save the date and time : August 11 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Beaver Island Golf Course. Your board looks forward to seeing you there.

BICS Conducts Budget Hearing

The Beaver Island Community School (BICS) Board of Education met on Monday June 29th for their annual special budget hearing to pass the upcoming school operating budget. State law requires Michigan school districts to develop and approve their operating budget for...

Becca Foli snaps a baby owl picture

This adorable photo of a juvenile Northern Saw-whet Owl was taken on 6/12 by Becca Foli near Indian Point (Birding Site #6). It is one of the smallest owls in North America. They are rarely seen because they are nocturnal and found in dense conifers or mixed forests....

Gypsy moth response

While gypsy moths have not presented much of a problem on the island except at a few locations in Port St. James, where some rather large infestations have been found. The following article has advice on what to do in case they show up around your house. Gypsy moth...

Island Treasures open Friday and Saturday

There's a big opening on the island tomorrow.  The Resale Shop will be open from noon until 4 Friday April 12th and Saturday April 13th. They’ll be accepting donations in Carol’s Barn during those hours, too.  Wondering if you have something to donate?  They say if it...

Update Your Email

Your membership in the Beaver Island Association includes a subscription to Island Currents. To help protect the environment and save costs, we've moved to email distribution of our newsletter. If you aren't receiving ISland Currents by email, it may be because the address in our records is incorrect. You can update your address using the form below.