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Economic and Environmental Sustainability
BIA's Mission: Economic and Environmental Sustainability
Represent Combined Interests
Represent the combined interests of our membership on issues that affect the fundamental character and beauty of Beaver Island.
Work with local government
Work with local governments to support property owners’ views, concerns and investments
Preserve Natural Resources
Support preservation and wise use of natural resources, plants, and wildlife of Beaver Island

ETIPP Onboarding Meeting

Wednesday morning at 10:00 there’s an ETIPP Information and Strategy meeting via Zoom with the island’s  National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) Advisor, Liz Weber.  The island was the winner of an...

Summer Edition of Island Currents

Our latest edition of Island Currents is in the email to our members. If your issue hasn’t arrived, this post has a link to read it online.

BIA Initiatives: Beaver Island Birding Trail

The BIA organized and developed the Beaver Island Birding Trail and, with the leadership of Pam Grassmick, presents an annual Warblers on the Water Beaver Island Birding Trail Festival. The trail...

BIA Initiatives: Dark Sky Sanctuary

Written by Cynthia Hector Johnson The Beaver Island Association took the Beaver Island Dark Sky Project under its wing in 2019.  As members of the Dark Sky Project looked at applying for an...
ETIPP Onboarding Meeting

ETIPP Onboarding Meeting

Wednesday morning at 10:00 there’s an ETIPP Information and Strategy meeting via Zoom with the island’s  National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) Advisor, Liz Weber.  The island was the winner of an ETIPP grant and this meeting will kick off the process of working to plan for energy reliability, affordability and sustainability on the island. The ETIPP Island Institute Reps hope for a strong turnout from Island residents and decision-makers. 

We are the only Great Lakes Island to have won free assistance from the DOE, Livermore Laboratories, and NREL (the National Renewable Energy Laboratoires) to plan an energy future!

Purpose of the Zoom:  

  • To engage more full time residents and key Island decision makers in BI Energy Transitions strategies.
  • To Review and Agree on “Island Energy Priorities”:  The “Island Energy Priorities” Draft below is based on feedback from Community Members and Island Leaders, as well as from 2017 Master Planning Report, and initial 2022 Master Planning input.


1. Energy Reliability –  periodic (and sometimes frequent) energy outages on the Island are not just annoying but are costly in terms of human health (medical device needs, heating and cooling needs), medical and disaster response, business interruptions (in-the-moment as well as the re-booting of technology), refrigerated food and medicine loss, classroom education interruption, tourism impact, etc.

2. Energy Affordability  Affordable primary and back-up energy needs, with equitable pricing for all residents across the economic spectrum.

3. Local Energy Production & Usage Control – 

    a) Less reliance on the mainland’s energy production and distribution

    b) Return on investments from community and individual energy production and distribution 

    c) Island employment and entrepreneurship in local energy transitions, production, distribution & storage.

4. Low Carbon, Renewable Energy Sources – Island resident desires as well as national and global trends.

As Beaver Island residents, planners, & business leaders, it is important to keep informed and engaged in the Island’s energy future and the decision making process.

Zoom link: BI Energy Priorities Zoom w NREL Advisor & Islands Institute Partners: (

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Dark Sky Happenings in July

Dark Sky Happenings in July

July is going to be a dream-month – or maybe a dreamless month – for island dark sky buffs. With the Thunder Supermoon, two meteor showers and a comet, there’s so much to see that there might not be time to sleep at night.  The thunder super moon will rise this...

Invasive beech leaf disease found in Michigan

The Michigan departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture and Rural Development recently confirmed the presence of invasive beech leaf disease in a small, private woodlot in southern St. Clair County, located in southeast Michigan. Beech leaf disease, not...

Beaver Island Lake Ecology Workshop

A Beaver Island Lake Ecology Workshop will be held Monday, July 11th, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm at CMU Biological Station with an optional field trip to Barney's Lake on the same day at 3:30 - 5:00 pm. This hands-on program is presented by Erick Elgin and Dr. Jo Latimore of...

Emergency Call Tower – Iron Ore Bay

Posted for Pam Grassmick The south end of Beaver Island became safer for visitors and residents this past week following the installation of an emergency call tower at the Iron Ore Beach. The emergency call tower, (when the red button is pushed), automatically dials...

Warblers on the Water

Thank You to event supporters The 9th Annual Warblers on the Water scheduled from May 27 through May 29 concluded on Sunday evening with a hike at Gull Harbor followed by a stop at Whiskey Point Brewery.  Visitors and birders expressed appreciation for the...

Eyeglass Collection

Thank You Pam Grassmick! A Huge Thank You to Pam Grassmick for organizing this fine effort.The Beaver Island community has once again shown its generosity with 95 pairs of eyeglasses being collected. The Beaver Island Association has shipped them off to the Wisconsin...

Warblers on the Water Presentations

Warblers on the Water Presentations

This coming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and time for Warblers on the Water -- BIA's annual Birding Festival. All of the field trips are sold out, but there is still room to attend the presentations that are part of the Festival. They are all available without...

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