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New Name BIPOA

Over the last several years there have been many discussions by the membership and the board of directors regarding the name of our organization. At the August board meeting, Paul Glendon, President, appointed a working committee of Bruce Jacobson, Dan Wardlow, and Peter Igoe to review naming issues and, if appropriate, make recommendations to the board regarding the name.

A New Name for the Beaver Island Property Owners Association

The working committee started with the mission of the organization, briefly stated: “to support the preservation of the natural resources and beauty of Beaver Island, and to support economic growth which is consistent with the preservation of the island’s natural beauty….”.

In evaluating alternative names, the committee set the following criteria:

  • The name should reflect the mission of the organization.
  • Second, it should convey a positive image to the entire island community, building on the reputation created by the leadership role played in organizing the Phragmites eradication project and the annual Beach Clean-up initiative.
  • Third, it should be inclusionary, with the objective of substantially increasing the membership over the next several years, essential if we are to move forward in carrying out our mission.
  • Fourth, in addition to growing the membership, the name should be helpful in achieving financial support and grants from other organizations, for programs relating to the mission.
  • And finally, the name should be simple, memorable and elegant.

Taking all of this into account, the working committee made the following recommendation to the board, and after discussion, the board voted unanimously to adopt the new organization name, with the supporting mission summary:

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