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BIA Supports Fire Prevention

Spring-Summer 2010

As part of an ongoing effort to support the Beaver Island Fire Department in its wild fire prevention efforts, the Beaver Island Association and a group of individual donors have provided the financial support required to raise the level of island fire risk awareness.
New signs depicting the fire risk level on the island have been purchased and installed by the Beaver Island Fire Department. There are two types of signs. On the Island large, post mounted signs have been placed at both campgrounds, the municipal airport, and the municipal marina. A smaller, counter top sign has been placed at Welke Airport. On the mainland, counter top signs are in place at the Beaver Island Boat Company, the Charlevoix Airport and the Fresh Air Aviation terminal.

The signs will be updated as risk level changes. Jacque LaFreniere has volunteered her time, and has been trained by the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to make the assessment. The risk assessment is derived from a formula which considers a number of factors including temperature, humidity and wind velocity. Previously the Beaver Island Fire Department stated fire risk levels based upon DNR calculations which were made using mainland, and not Island-specific data.

The BIA continues to work with the Beaver Island Fire Department in support of other efforts including an emergency notification system.

Bruce Jacobson

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