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Phragmites Program 2010

Spring-Summer 2010

This year’s plan for Phragmites monitoring and treatment will be drastically different from past years. A Phragmites administrator will be hired by the townships this spring. He/she will set up a system of beach volunteers–sort of an Adopt a Beach program–under a plan developed by the Natural Resources and Ecotourism Commission (of Beaver Island). These volunteers will check their beaches for the presence of Phragmites and later be trained by the DNRE to treat it. This will save substantial funds. We have so little of it currently on our beaches that it really doesn’t justify the cost of hiring a company to come here and treat it as in the past. Also, the DNRE will secure the necessary permits and provide the treatment chemical.

The DNRE will treat phragmites on High Island and will hire professionals to treat Hog Island.

Anyone wishing to know more, or to “adopt their beach” please call Jacque LaFreniere (231-448-2220) or email her at

Phragmites Ordinance

 Click here to read the Beaver Island Phragmites Ordinance (PDF Format)

Click here for more Information on Invasive Phragmites and the SOS Program and the Phragmites Treatment and Inspection Permission Form that all shoreline property owners are asked to return.

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