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Thanks to a grant from The Nature Conservancy, the CAKE CISMA is gearing up for our second hemlock survey season, to monitor and detect any potential hemlock woolly adelgid infestations on Beaver Island. For those that may be unfamiliar with this invasive species, the hemlock woolly adelgid (or HWA) is a parasitic insect that feeds exclusively on hemlock trees. If left untreated, infested hemlocks can die in as little as 4-10 years. This invasive species is working its way north, supposedly using the Lake Michigan shoreline as its primary avenue to expand its range. If left unchecked, Michigan’s native hemlock population could be in serious trouble. We are preparing to survey both public and private lands to ensure that this species does not establish itself in Northern Michigan. Last year, the LTC and state held lands were surveyed on Beaver Island in March. Those properties were negative for HWA. The 2020 surveys are to be conducted during the winter months.

Attached is a letter informing about this critical issue and what is currently being done. On the back side of the letter is permission to access private lands. The consent form must be signed and returned to the CISMA to access private property to survey hemlocks. This survey is cost-free to the landowner through the grant. The goal this survey season is to fill in gaps from last year on private lands.

For questions, please contact:

Benjamin VanDyke | Program Coordinator

4820 Stover Rd, Bellaire MI – 49615  Phone: (231)-533-8363

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