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The Waste Management Committee held a special meeting yesterday afternoon to work on blight issues on the island.  There was discussion on specific ways to deal with old tires, including conducting a collection for homeowners and consideration of what could be done to help with businesses.  The transfer station is going to purchase a semitrailer that might be used to haul tires to a mainland recycling center, with transport off the island by barge.  Right now, only one trip is planned and that would take about one thousand tires.  Free metal collection days will be considered, too.  St. James Supervisor Kitty McNamara reported that she has a three person committee formed to review the downtown area for blighted buildings and make recommendations to the township board. Some buildings may require legal action to be taken.  The Blight Subcommittee of the Waste Management Committee will hold another special meeting after it has more information on tire hauling costs to look at what might be done to deal with tires at businesses. 

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