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The Great Lakes Climate and Lake Levels Update and Outlook webinar from April 13, 2020 was not so much about procedures to mitigate the effects of the high water and wind. Instead, it is more about why it is happening. Folks from NOAA, the Army Corp of Engineers, and the National Weather Service shared graphs from 1885-2020. The high water and its impacts are coming from too much perception, soils being saturated, rivers flowing at all time highs, culverts plugged because of high water action, no ice cover, and a warmer weather pattern. They have no idea just how long this weather pattern may go on, but predict high water for this year. An additional 10+inches is projected by August. The presentations included how weather patterns, lake levels, and winds are used during emergency notifications to communities. They say all lake shore communities should be preparing for additional impacts.

Links to all slide presentations are now available on the NOAA in the Great Lakes Website. Go to: and click on the webinar link listed in the “Highlights” section.

The recording of the webinar will be posted to the same location soon.

Another webinar is being planned for July to provide an update on conditions and the outlook heading into the fall.

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