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The US Army Corps of Engineers has published a public notice seeking input on Enbridge Energy’s plan to construct a tunnel under the Starits of Mackinac. The tunnel would replace Enbridge’s aging Line 5, a dual pipeline system on the lake bed of the straights now used to transport various petroleum products. Enbridge has applied to the Corps for required permits, and the notice has been issues in response to the that application. The notice includes detailed information concerning the proposed tunnel system, and details a number of potential impacts the project will have on shoreline locations. However, it does not discuss the potential impacts of a breach in the line under the lake or near either of the landings. The application states that, if the tunnel is not constructed, it plans to continue to operate its existing pipeline.

The notice states that the Corps will view a lack of response “as meaning that there is no objection to the permit application.” Comments may be submitted by mail or email, and must reference file number LRE-2010-00463-56-A19. The address to mail comments is:

Kerrie E. Kuhne
Chief, Permit Evaluation Western Branch
Regulatory Office
Corps of Engineers, Detroit District
477 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48226-2550

Comments sent by email should be addressed to: The email must include a.
name and mailing address. If you choose to file comments and would care to sahe them with the BIA, please send a copy to Comments are due by June 5.

A copy of the notice is available from the BIA Google Drive at this link: The notice is also available from the Army Corps at:

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