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Coming up this Saturday is the second installment in the Beaver Island Sustainability 2020 Virtual Fair. This time the topic is clean energy on Beaver Island and beyond.

Meet Island energy pioneers and energy resilient communities from shore to shore!

“What is working on Beaver Island and Beyond”

We take you on a journey from shore-to-shore to share how individuals, families and communities in northern Michigan are becoming more resilient with local clean energy options.

Your fascinating journey will highlight Michigan’s own “Emerald Isle” – its energy history and clean energy innovations today. First you will be introduced to the incredible story of how petroleum products get to Beaver Isle to meet the current fuel and energy needs of its people – of barges frozen in the lake, of resilient Islanders having to cut themselves free from the ice using chainsaws and wit!

You will then meet folks who are making it work today: producing clean renewable energy on Beaver Island. Did you know that the first Certified Passive House in northern Michigan – a pioneering design that reduces energy needs, costs and carbon emissions – was built on Beaver Island? That the Island’s McDonough’s Market is a leader in solar and energy saving technologies? Or that a dozen homes and businesses on the Island use innovative geothermal systems for closed-loop, energy saving, in-floor heating?

Next our keynote speaker Ric Evans will tell us about “What is Working in Northern Michigan.” Ric is the Clean Energy Specialist for Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities, a non-profit organization that fosters renewable energy production right here in Northern Michigan. Ric’s expertise is also invaluable as a Board Member of Great Lakes Energy.

If you wish to learn how clean energy innovations can help you, your community or your Island save on energy costs, become more self-reliant and have less carbon impact, then you will want to join this free online event!

LOCAL MUSIC from “The Real Ingredients” will add to the fun!

Visit Beaver Island Sustainability Fair Facebook Page: thanks to the sponsors of this Beaver Island Sustainability Fair: Tara’s Meadow Education & Retreat Center for Earth Peace, Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities, Beaver Island Historical Society, PARC (Patron of the Arts in Rural Communities), and Charlevoix County Community Foundation.

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