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It’s the day after the day after the election, with the picture on results becoming clearer.  Senator Gary Peters has pulled off a narrow win against challenger John James.  The Michigan delegation to the U-S house appears to have flipped one seat from Democrat to Republican with Peter Meijer defeating Hilary Scholten for the third district.  Our U-S House member Jack Bergman retained his seat.

It looks like Michigan Republicans have retained control of the Michigan House with the same 58-52 majority they have now.  A few seats flipped sides, but control remains the same.  Republican Ken Borton won as our representative, replacing a term limited Triston Cole. Republicans also control the Michigan Senate.

But, it looks like the majority on the Michigan Supreme Court will flip from Republican affiliated judges to Democrats.  The Chief Justice easily won reelection and the second open seat appears to be going to Elizabeth Welch, a Democrat nominee.  With 87% of the vote in she’s ahead 1.3 million votes to 1.14 for Mary Kelly, a Republican nominee.  The court stepped into the spotlight just a month ago when it ruled invalid Governor Whitmer’s then current COVID-19 orders.  Locally, it appears the Judge Angela Lasher, a mid-term appointee of Governor Whitmer, has retained her seat against a challenge from Robert Banner.   

While there are arguments afoot about access for election monitors to the ballot counting process downstate and claims about late arriving ballots, a local anomaly is drawing national attention.  Reliably red Antrim county appears from its reported results to have turned heavily blue, a result pretty much no one thinks could be accurate.  County officials believe there may be a software error and are working to figure out what has happened.

This report first appeared on WVBI’s Community Calendar newscast.

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