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We’re so glad that you are joining us this winter. Here’s a tip that will be helpful when experiencing an electric outage. Wireless household phones will not work during a power outage (unless you have backup power for them or your base station has a battery). Even if you do have a battery for your cordless, that battery may not outlast the power outage. But, you are likely to be able to use a traditional plug-in landline during a power outage because those phones don’t require external power. Counting on a wireless phone? As many of you have experienced cell phones do not work in certain areas of the island-even when electricity is not interrupted. If they do, the battery in your cell phone may not outlast the outage

See the photo of the phone below. This type of phone can be used when your electricity is out to make calls. You need to insert the end of the phone into your phone plug which has electricity and you can actually make a call to 911 or Great Lakes Energy. At our house, this old relic phone sits in a closet until it is needed. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 2314.

Stay well and we hope to show you some island hospitality post-Covid.

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