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The St. James Board met Wednesday evening with a full agenda. There were reports on progress at the South Marina. The electrical work there is essentially completed and, if the inspection conducted on Tuesday the 10th comes back with a pass, the system will come on line next week–this all thanks to a Waterways grant of $178,000 secured by the township. At the North Marina, where work on the gas dock improvements has been stalled by the discovery of an old dock crib, archeologists will be there this weekend to check it out for any historical artifacts. If nothing of historical value is found–which is expected to be the case–the work will proceed to completion as soon as the Army Corps signs off on the report.

The Board passed a resolution in support of the Dark Sky Projects efforts to secure a Dark Sky Sanctuary designation for a portion of the island. It also discussed using Township hall as a co-working space. The Public Works committee will research the options and give recommendations to board at December meeting. The Board approved a Job description for Planning Administrator and the new part-time position will be posted in early December. Finally, the Board approved two new planning administrators for planning commission. Nathan Altman and Lori Taylor–Blitz will join the panel.

Paul Cole is the Executive Director of the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce and a St. James Trustee. Photo Credit: Lakeland Boating.

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