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Peaine Township held its first township board meeting with its newly elected members last evening.  Amidst largely routine action the board thanked its recently departed members for their many year of service. Former chair Bill Kohls had served for eight years. Larry Kubic was treasurer for 12 years and Paul Welke was a trustee for 16 years. They were replaced by Doug Tilly, Vickie Smith and Travis Martin, respectively.

The board heard a proposal presented by former BIA president Bob Anderson for construction of Pickleball and Bocce courts in the Township Park behind the Township Hall. The board approved plans for the hiring of an Invasives Coordinator.  That position will be funded jointly with St. James and will be important to the ongoing fight against invasives on the island.

The Board conducted its meeting by Zoom, making it more accessible to islanders. A number of folks observed that it would be even better if all of the board members used cameras and that they hope Zoom or other video conferencing of the meetings will continue even after the COVID-19 crisis ends.

An earlier version of this story appeared on the WVBI website.

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