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The Beaver Island Community School Board of Education met last night for their regular January business meeting. Top on the agenda was swearing in newly elected board member Brian Cole. In January, the board also elects their officers. This year’s officers elected last night include Andy Stebbins as board president; Angel LeFevre-Welke as vice president; Rick Speck as treasurer; and Erin Randall as secretary. 

As required by a new state law passed in September, the board also received weekly student attendance records for the past month. Attendance at BICS, both in-person and when we were required to have our high school students learning remotely, has been excellent. In the four weeks prior to the meeting, the average weekly attendance was over 95%. 

In addition to approving the monthly finance report, the board finalized and approved the superintendent evaluation and approved allowing the school to be used as an immunization clinic if it was determined by the Health Department of Northwest Michigan and the Beaver Island Rural Health Center that the school would be the best place to have an island-wide COVID-19 immunization clinic.

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