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A heartfelt Thank You to all of our generous supporters. The response to our year end request for help demonstrated your commitment to the betterment of our Beaver Island community. Your generosity raised over $2300.00 to help continue our important work.

Your investment helps the Beaver Island Association to:

Provide a forum for discussion of island governance and property taxes

Represent membership concerns through township government liaison

Support preservation and wise use of natural resources, plants, and wildlife of Beaver Island

Collaborate with tribes, environmental organizations, schools, and government agencies

Propose environmental conservation policies and / or methods

Sponsor environmental education programs and public lectures and presentations

Publish a semi-annual newsletter and maintain a continuously updated website

Monitor and control invasive species

Clean up beaches, campgrounds and help with forest fire prevention

Work to bring High Speed Internet to Beaver Island

Co-operate and support other organizations like the Beaver Island Dark Sky Project, The Beaver Island Birding Trail, The Great Lakes Island Coalition, The Waterways Trail and The Northern Lake Michigan Islands Collaborative

We pledge to continue working to improve the quality of life on our beloved Beaver Island.

To paraphrase an old saying, “Society grows great when older people plant trees, whose shade they know they shall never sit in”……THANK YOU FOR INVESTING IN THE FUTURE!

With Gratitude,
The Beaver Island Association Board of Directors

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