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The Health Department of Northwest Michigan is asking islanders who have not yet been vaccinated to complete an online questionnaire to help them with planning for future vaccination clinics on the island.  If you have registered for a shot, but not yet received it, they ask that you complete the survey, too. Only those who have already received one or both shots of the vaccine should not complete the survey. A link to the survey is here:

The townships have issued an advisory with more details.  It is duplicated below.


Beaver Island Covid-19 Sign-Up Survey

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan has asked us to get the following information out to  Beaver Island Residents:

All BI residents who have not yet been vaccinated should complete this online survey so the health department can use the information to cross reference with their records and make plans for the number of vaccines that will be needed here in the vaccination clinic cycle. Residents should complete the survey even if they have already registered with the health department. Click on the Beaver Island Covid-19 Sign-Up Survey link above or use this link:

Island seniors who need assistance with filling out the survey, contact Lonnie Allen at 448-2124 or Lonnie Allen is the Council on Aging site Coordinator for Beaver Island.

For further updates on the vaccination schedule and protocol for Beaver Island, please monitor the BIRHC website:

Link to Health Department of Northwest Michigan: This site has useful up to date information and resources. This site is updated daily. 

COVID 19 Remains a Serious Disease that can Lead to Other Health Problems

If you are sick, have been around someone who has tested positive, or are awaiting Covid-19 test results yourself, do not travel to Beaver Island.  If you are already on Beaver Island when these situations arise, take every precaution to quarantine yourself from others and contact health officials. 

These are Still the best Guidelines for Limiting the Spread of the Virus:

•             Get Vaccinated.

•             Limit your interaction with others as much as possible.

•             Wear a Mask.

•             Respect Social Distancing and Avoid Gatherings.

•             Wash your Hands.

•             Monitor your Health. Pay attention for COVID-19 symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath.

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