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The health center reported a positive COVID-19 test yesterday, the first since mid-May.  So far they’ve run 10 tests in August with 8 back as negative and 1 still pending. If the patterns from the last positive tests repeat, we are likely to see a small burst of cases here.  So far, no cases on the island have resulted in any reported hospitalizations or deaths.

COVID-19 data from the state is down on an average daily basis for the last four days, but the seven day running average continues to climb.  There were an average of 651 new cases a day over the last four days and total 16 new deaths—plus 10 reclassified deaths.  The weekly averages are now 945 new cases a day and 9 deaths.  In our region, there were 65 new cases or 16 a day and no deaths.  13 of the new cases were in Charlevoix where our positive test rate is up to 8.9%.  Running averages in our region are 24 new cases a day and no deaths.

Meantime, statewide, hospital utilization is down slightly to 77.7% overall and 75.8 % for I-C-U beds. In our zone we are down as well for to 77.6% for all beds, but up to 82.2% for I-C-U beds. Locally, Munson continues with no patients.  McLaren is down one patient to three overall and the down two in their I-C-U to none. The current positive test rates in Charlevoix County overall put us in the zone where the C-D-C recommends making inside. Neither the Health Department of Northwest Michigan or the state have updated their guidance, though, other than to echo the C-D-C.  Some people on the island are now choosing to wear masks inside, but there are no reports of any businesses requiring them.

This report first appeared on the WVBI Newsfeed.

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