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Two sets of entry doors at the island’s Rural Health Center are being retrofitted to be ADA compliant, that is they will soon be able to open automatically and manually —just like the ADA door at the island’s Post Office.  The conversions are to begin as soon as possible.  The first set of entry doors to be adjusted are those that front the King’s Highway and once they have been converted the entry doors that face Carlisle Road are to be modified.  

 “All of us at the Health Center are enthusiastic about the door initiative because it has a direct effect on our clients, said Ann Partridge, Acting Managing Director at the island’s Rural Health Center. Partridge added, “The Board of Directors are to be commended for making this project a priority and for raising the funds to make it happen.”

The retrofit is expected to cost just over $11,000.  About two thirds of the funds were provided by a thoughtful donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The balance of the funds were provided by the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, which awarded the Center a competitive Geographic Enrichment Grant.  Frank D’Andraia, president of the Health Center Board, noted the C3F grant is allowing the Center to leverage donor dollars and address a major building oversight.  “Thanks to a Health Center supporter and C3F, Center visitors who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, or for those who simply have limited mobility, will soon have an easier time navigating the entrances.  How good is that!”

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