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A new requirement has been mandated for citizens appointed to the Boards of Review in Peaine and St. James Townships.  Beginning in 2022, Board of Review members (and alternates) across Michigan are now required to complete Board of Review training at least once every two years in order to meet the requirements of Public Act 660. 

In Michigan Boards of Review hear and determine appeals along with certain other matters concerning taxpayer real and personal property assessments.

Michigan law allows for three, six, or nine member boards   On Beaver Island both Peaine and St. James townships have opted to appoint three 3 members each to their Boards of Review. Boards elect their chair annually and township supervisors serve as secretary.  Peaine township however, appoints two alternates.   St. James township has elected to appoint only one alternate.    

The current BOR chair in Peaine Township is Carol Burton and in St. James the chair is Frank D’Andraia.

Michigan law mandates boards of review meet in March, July and December.

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