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The three member St. James Board of Review held an organizational meeting on March 8th.   State guidelines stipulate that at least 2/3 of BOR members “shall be property taxpayers of the township;”  The BOR Alternate must, however, be a township property owner.  Beginning in 2022 all Michigan Board of Review members are required to complete Board of Review training at least once every two years and members must provide proof of successful completion of the required training, which includes a test. The township appoints the board.  State law prohibits township trustees and the township assessor from serving on Boards of Review.  BOR terms are for two years.  

The members of the St, James Board of Review are Kathleen Antkoviak, Frank D’Andraia, and Audrey Vandyke.  Marcy Dean is the Alternate.  On March 8th Frank D’Andraia was re-elected as Chair.  Board of Review business is conducted at an open public meeting and in accordance with the Michigan Open Meetings Act.

On March 14th and 15th, the St. James BOR considered ten appeals.  On March 15th two appeals were granted; eight appeals were denied and four assessment roll corrections were made.  

In addition, Mchigan law stipulates “the Board of Review shall also meet in July or December, or both July and December.”  Unlike the March meeting which hears taxpayer appeals, the July and December Board of Review meetings are held to hear appeals of Principal Residence Exemptions, Qualified Agricultural Property Exemption, Poverty Exemptions, Disabled Veterans Exemptions, and Qualified Errors including clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact.

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