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There are few quotes that are more synonymous with a single superhero than the one describing Superman that includes the phrase “faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!”  And of course, Superman possessed several special powers, such as super strength, superhuman hearing and x-ray vision.  But today the 1938 term of x-ray vision has a different meaning for the Beaver Island Rural Health Center’s super team of medical professionals.

As part of the Rural Health Center’s commitment to improving diagnostic services, a new x-ray machine has been purchased and should arrive on island in late May according to Health Center Managing Director Ann Partridge.    

“The Health Center is committed to improving patient care throughout the island,” said Partridge. “Our investment in new digital x-ray equipment at the Center ensures residents of the island’s two townships will continue to be able to access x-ray services closer to home, making it easier for the Center’s medical team to diagnose, monitor and treat a variety of medical conditions without having to send patients to the mainland.”

The new general-duty radiographic system is manufactured by Fujifilm Healthcare.  Fuji radiography equipment is known for exceptional image quality and renowned reliability.  Purchase of the Fuji x-ray equipment was made possible by a federal grant.  The renovation and expansion of the Center’s x-ray room –the old dark room and its special equipment used to develop x-ray films were removed —was paid for by a generous gift from an anonymous donor, as well as funds provided by members of the Center’s 1953 Society.  

The Fuji diagnostic equipment replaces an x-ray system installed at the Center more than 20 years ago.  The new state of the art digital equipment has an adjustable x-ray table that provides patients with easier and safer access and supports better work practice for staff assisting patients on and off the table.   The costs of the new x-ray equipment and room totaled approximately $100,000.  The new Fuji equipment will be fully installed by early June.  Medical personnel will begin training on the new equipment shortly thereafter.

Superman and the Health Center’s medical team have a lot in common, for they both use extraordinary abilities to do good, which in the case of the Center’s medical team means using their new state of the art x-ray equipment to help people heal.

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