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Posted for Pam Grassmick

The south end of Beaver Island became safer for visitors and residents this past week following the installation of an emergency call tower at the Iron Ore Beach. The emergency call tower, (when the red button is pushed), automatically dials 911 and within 5-10 seconds connects to emergency dispatch through a secured phone line. Doug Tilly, Supervisor for Peaine Township, deserves special recognition for his perseverance with tackling the project. Recognizing that cell phone service is spotty around the island, this emergency system will provide access for those in need of life threatening assistance.

Standing over nine feet tall, the weather and vandal resistant tower is used in remote and high-risk areas to call for emergency services. The CASE Emergency System is designed with a blue light tower which will activate a strobe when the red button is pushed and ease location for emergency responders in a dark area.

Peaine Township plans for another emergency tower to be installed this summer at the entrance to the Bill Wagner Campground.

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