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Acclaimed birding expert Dr. Francesca Cuthbert will make the keynote presentation of the 2023 Warbler’s on the Water Birding event at the BIC Center on Sunday afternoon, May 28th, at 1;30 p.m. The tilte of the presentation is An Unknown Treasure in the Great Lakes: Amazing Waterbird Diversity. Dr. Cuthbert is widely recognized as an expert on birds of our region, especially the rare Piping Plover taht nests in the archipelago. Her current research focuses in three areas: (1) recovery of the endangered Great Lakes Piping Plover population, all within the context of management of coastal shore ecosystems; (2) biology and management of Double-crested Cormorants in North America especially in relation to the cormorant-fishery conflict; and (3) colonial waterbird population dynamics and conservation in the Great Lakes and Asia.

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