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Beaver Island Internet Speed Survey

Completing this survey is important to the future of internet access on the island.  Thanks for taking time to complete it!

The Island’s Joint Townships Telecom Advisory Committee needs information about service at your island home, business and other locations where you receive fixed (not mobile) internet service to maximize the Island’s eligibility for broadband grants.

Please mark all providers that provide service to your home, business or other fixed location on the island. We will collect speed information only for TDS, but please let us know what services are available to you at your location(s).

Thank you!

Because you do not have internet service provided by TDS, we do not need to collect speed information from you right now.  Although the FCC internet speed data includes information on all types of services, only wired, terestrial service is being considered in the upcoming grant processes.  There is more information abou the FCC's Internet Speed Map and the grants at

The Joint Townships Telecommunications Advisory Committee thanks you for taking the time to complete this survey.  If you have comments about this process or questions about the work of the committee, please include them in the box below or, if you prefer, send them in an email to our chairperson at or to any other member of the committee.

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