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Holiday Greetings

Holiday Greetings

Your BIA Board sends holiday greetings to you and yours. We hope 2022 brings you health and happiness, and we thank you for your ongoing support of BIA.

COVID-19 Information Tool: Covid Near You

Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School have set up a website to track COVID-19 information called “Covid Near You,” which was recently mentioned on Morning Edition on NPR. The site’s about section says it was created by...

St. James Board November Meeting

St. James Township Board met Wednesday evening, November 6. The meeting covered a lot of ground. Notable discussion concerned progress on the Anderson Marina project. With the closing of the deal, the township is busy working with the Andersons and the Woollam...

St. James Township Meeting Report

The Saint James Township Board met Wednesday evening. There was an update on the marina project.  Everything seems to be proceeding apace with just some final small details to be worked.  The Anderson’s are applying for a junk car removal permit to deal with...