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BIA Initiatives: Beaver Island Birding Trail

BIA Initiatives: Beaver Island Birding Trail

The BIA organized and developed the Beaver Island Birding Trail and, with the leadership of Pam Grassmick, presents an annual Warblers on the Water Beaver Island Birding Trail Festival. The trail includes multiple locations around the island with descriptive signage...

High Water Summit is Tuesday

Time is running out to register for the BIA-Tip of the Mitt Watershed COuncil High Water Summit being held on Tuesday, August 25 at noon. Follow this link to register:

Waste Management Committee Blight Survey

The Island’s Waste Management Committee is working on securing grant funding to help protect the island’s environment.  To support grant applications with the required data they have a survey out designed to identify blighted locations on the island. ...


For those of us who were not lucky enough to have been on the island earlier this year for the unveiling, The Grassmick Mural is a “must see”. The BIDL is so fortunate to have a work of art that so accurately captures key elements of Beaver Island. Please...
Take the MyBI Connection Future Survey

Take the MyBI Connection Future Survey

Participants at today’s Community Broadband Meeting organized by the BIA and JTAC were asked to take a survey. Even if you weren’t able to attend the meeting, you can take part in the survey. If possible, you might want to watch a replay of the first...
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