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BIA's Mission: Economic and Environmental Sustainability
Represent the combined interests of our membership on issues that affect the fundamental character and beauty of Beaver Island.
Work with local governments to support property owners’ views, concerns and investments
Support preservation and wise use of natural resources, plants, and wildlife of Beaver Island

Tuesday, August 4, is Election Day

Don’t forget about the election coming up on August 4th. It’s not just a primary. There are ballot issues for millage renewals as well:

  • Recycling Purchases and Programs
  • Senior Citizen Programs
  • Airport Operations and Maintenance
  • Road Maintenance and Construction
  • Support Emergency Medical Support
  • Operation of the Beaver Island Community School
  • Operation of St. James Township
  • Provision of Advanced Life Support
  • Maintenance and Operation of the Landfill and Transfer Station
  • Operation of the Beaver Island Historical Society

To help in your decision making, the following link will allow you to view a sample ballot for either Peaine or St. James Township:

Please be sure to vote. It is a way for people to express their opinions, needs, wants, preferences, dreams and desires. Voting allows us to have control over our lives. By not voting, you are placing your liberty and freedom into the hands of others.

Voting is the essence of democracy.

Becca Foli snaps a baby owl picture

This adorable photo of a juvenile Northern Saw-whet Owl was taken on 6/12 by Becca Foli near Indian Point (Birding Site #6). It is one of the smallest owls in North America. They are rarely seen because they are nocturnal and found in dense conifers or mixed forests....

Gypsy moth response

While gypsy moths have not presented much of a problem on the island except at a few locations in Port St. James, where some rather large infestations have been found. The following article has advice on what to do in case they show up around your house. Gypsy moth...

Island Treasures open Friday and Saturday

There's a big opening on the island tomorrow.  The Resale Shop will be open from noon until 4 Friday April 12th and Saturday April 13th. They’ll be accepting donations in Carol’s Barn during those hours, too.  Wondering if you have something to donate?  They say if it...

Beaver Island picked as top destination. Again.

Beaver Island along with fellow Great Likes Islands Alliance member Washington Island have both been picked as top road trip destinations for the COVID-19 era by Chicago Magazine. The antithesis of more touristy Great Lakes destinations (looking at you, Traverse...

Incoming Bird Report 5/25/20

May 25, 2020 Incoming Birds. Sites and descriptions can be found on <> This past weekend would have been the 7th Warblers on the Water event. The social interaction between birders, field...

Weekly Birding Report: May 4, 2020

Despite the cold temperatures and fierce winds this past week, the following birds were observed May 4, 2020 Incoming Birds. Sites and descriptions can be found on observed: North End: Harbor area: Double-crested Cormorants have...

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